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Best Burrito Spots in Nashville

Updated: Apr 12

Nashville is a hub of unique international food. One of my favorite's is a good burrito. They're cheap, quick and a filling lunch. Luckily, I live close to the best place in the city for these quick and easy lunches. South Nashville, and in particular the Nolensville Pike area is the best place to get good authentic international food. There are also a lot of other great places to get burritos in the city which I've included here.

Baja Burrito

Baja Burrito in Berry Hill area of Nashville, Tennessee

Baja Burrito is a unique spot serving mission style burritos. It's a build your own burrito style shop with a great list of fresh ingredients. They have options for tortillas as well like spinach or whole wheat. This is one of my favorite stops. The quality beats most other places especially for the price.

Burritos La Mina

Burritos La Mina on Thompson Lane in Nashville, Tennessee

This place is great and run by a nice gentleman. He makes a great, authentic and flavorful burrito for a great price. You gotta get here quick though because he will run out of ingredients because it's so popular! The Colorado Burrito is the most popular. Another good one is the Carne Asada Burrito.

51st Deli

51st Deli on West End in Nashville, Tennessee

Wow, one of the best new places I've discovered! Not only are the burritos amazing but you have to try the birria as well. They're so flavorful and delicious. It's a nice convenient little spot as well with a grocery area with soft drinks etc. Definitely check out this hidden gym especially if you're on your way to or from Centennial Park.

Oscar's Taco Shop

Oscar's Taco Shop at Vandy in Nashville, Tennessee

Oscar's Taco Shop is a great little spot with a good variety of offerings. They have classics like their take on the California burrito. They have some interesting burritos like one stuffed with fries. It's a California style Mexican food joint with a convenience and price point that will get you in and out and feeling satisfied. A great stop for lunch!



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