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Best Burger Spots in Nashville

Updated: Apr 20

As a self-proclaimed foodie, I enjoy finding new and interesting places to eat. Every now and then I get a craving for a great burger. So I'm compiling a list of some of my top picks I think you should check out.

Edessa Burger

Edessa Burger on Nolensville in Nashville, Tennessee

Edessa Burger is a great burger spot with a Mediterranean flair. I highly recommend their Edessa Burger which features beef burger, lettuce, tomato, onion, guacamole, turkey bacon with a side of marinara. They also have pizza as well so a great spot for lunch with friends. You can indulge here and not feel guilty afterwards because of the quality ingredients.

Fenwicks 300

Fenwicks 300 on 8th Avenue in Nashville, Tennessee

I'm a sucker for good sweet potato fries, and pair with a delicious burger is all the better! The retro burger is a play on an old classic. They also have iced coffees and espressos here.

Gabby's Burgers

Gabby's Burgers in Nashville, Tennessee

Gabby's Burgers is a local favorite. They offer juicy burgers and crispy sweet potato fries. What's not to love?

M.L. Rose

M.L. Rose on 8th Avenue in Nashville, Tennessee

One of my all time favs, they have a great selection of beer and burgers, and the waffle fries are awesome. You can even get sweet potato fries. They have a huge bar top and sports playing everywhere so it's a good place to catch a game and enjoy some good food and drinks.

SubCulture Cafe

SubCulture Cafe on Nolensville Pike in South Nashville, Tennessee

They have some wonderful food here. I highly recommend the Churrasco. But if you’re dead set on a burger, this might be one of the best in Nashville. It’s super flavorful and they pride themselves on their fresh, natural, and quality food using as few ingredients as possible.

Double Dogs

Double Dogs in Nashville, Tennessee

This place is more of a novelty. But you can enjoy a good burger here and also eat some nachos out a dog bowl. They have patio seating where you can bring your pets as well.



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